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When you say Fremont is Seattle’s quirkiest neighborhood, you’d think you might offend someone. But for a neighborhood with the Latin slogan, “De Delibertas Quirkas” written on the side of a 1950s rocket fuselage, it’s a mighty compliment. Here in the Center of the Universe, you’re asked to set your watch back 5 minutes and breathe in the neighborhood’s artistic, individualistic spirit.

Fremont’s artistic roots began in the 1960s when “students, bohemians, and artists” took advantage of the neighborhood’s cheap rents, explains HistoryLink. Over the years, Fremont has become home to the Troll, a towering statue of Lenin, the Interurban sculpture and most recently, the “Late for the Interurban” sculpture of J.P. Patches and his sidekick Gertrude. The neighborhood’s big annual event: the Summer Solstice Parade, complete with funky floats and naked, painted bicyclists.

But Fremont’s unique character is beginning to change. The neighborhood is quickly becoming a popular destination for technology companies — Adobe, Google and Getty now call Fremont home (see list). Houses are giving way to higher-density townhomes, condos and apartments. And Seattleites flock to Fremont’s restaurants and clubs at night, making the neighborhood one of the city’s most popular after-hour scenes.

Fremont Universe is a news blog about Fremont and its growing pains. If you’re curious, we’re the folks behind My Ballard, the popular news blog just a stone’s throw away. Just like My Ballard, Fremont Universe is dedicated to becoming the neighborhood’s community news source.

But we need your help. If you see something interesting in the neighborhood — or have an issue you feel needs reporting — please drop us an email at New store? Crime to report? Parking problems? Land use issue? Please send us a note, and thanks for reading!

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