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Musical Book Club Fills Fremont Abbey Friday Night

January 13th, 2012 by Sean Keeley

UW News Lab

I’ll bet when you think of book clubs, you imagine a group of middle aged Seattle women sitting around sipping tea, munching crackers and chit-chatting. You might be wrong – at least, about one group.

The Bushwick Book Club Seattle does things a bit differently, and their monthly meeting brought the community together in a big way last Friday (Jan. 6) at the Fremont Abbey Arts Center.

Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland was the inspiration for 11 book club member/musicians’ sets performed throughout the evening to a packed house.

Geoff Larsen, curator of the club and emcee for the evening, said members of the club simply “read a book and write a song inspired by the book.”

The Fremont Abbey offered a unique and casual setting in the upstairs of the venue complete with high ceilings and fold-out chairs. Many attendees took advantage of the elaborate baked good table and beverages offered downstairs.

After drawing names for the order of their appearance, musicians entered stage to describe the meaning or inspiration behind the original song they were to perform. Some performers took the various characters from Alice in Wonderland as inspiration, while others sang about their overall impression of the novel, and a few simply made up characters. Hey, it’s Wonderland, why not?

Acoustic guitars were the main accompaniment for most songs, but other instruments like the harmonica, bass, violin, drums and accordion made an appearance.

There were roughly 175 people in attendance and the performances hailed an intimate yet casual feel. Songs ranged in their genre throughout the evening from bluegrass to alternative.

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Public School Proposed Boundary Changes Would Affect Fremont, B.F. Day

January 12th, 2012 by Sean Keeley

On Tuesday, Seattle Public Schools announced proposed changes to the boundaries of the John Stanford International School in Wallingford.

The changes were presented at a PTA meeting and will be voted on by the full School Board on Jan. 18. These boundary changes would also impact McDonald Elementary and Fremont’s B.F. Day Elementary School.

According to the release, the John Stanford International School is currently overcrowded and use exceeds the optimal use of the rooms. With no boundary change, the school will only continue to get more crowded based on projections.

The combined capacity for McDonald Elementary and Stanford can only support the population within the combined current boundary for two more years at most.

In order to keep siblings together and alleviate overcrowding, the school district is proposing a plan that will offer predictability to all families. Once approved, all those impacted by the boundary change will know where their student will attend school in September 2012.

The proposal for the 2012-13 school year is as follows:

  • Ensures incoming kindergarten siblings of students attending John Stanford who live in Area # 1 or # 2 will be guaranteed assignment to John Stanford
  • Students who live in Area #1 and who are not entering kindergarten siblings will be guaranteed assignment to McDonald
  • Offers a plan to bring the number of JSIS homerooms back to a sustainable level.

The School Board will vote on this plan on Jan. 18.

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Hunger On The Move, Headed Down Fremont Ave.

January 12th, 2012 by Sean Keeley

The bad news? Hunger Restaurant will be leaving the space in Upper Fremont that it’s been since July 2010.

The good news? Hunger is moving right down Fremont Ave. to take over the space formerly occupied by Dad Watson’s (3601 Fremont Ave N).

Co-owner Brian Brooks says that while he and co-owner/wife Jaime Mullins-Brooks originally wanted to expand their current space, the new location was too good to pass up when it became available.

“We were going to build a speakeasy in the basement but then this space became available,” says Brooks. “So we decided to get closer to the heart of Fremont.”

Brooks is hopeful for the new space to be open in late February/early March as builders have gutted and reworked the entire building since Dad Watson’s left.

Fear not, Hunger’s regulars, you’ll still get the same Spanish/Mediterranean-influenced cuisine. You’ll just get a whole lot more of it.

Brooks says the new restaurant will expand the menu and the bar as well as offer “more space, more seating, a patio and we’re designing a chef’s counter where you get to be a part of the action, sitting next to the kitchen.”

As they get closer to the new opening, Hunger expects to hold events in both locations, as a thank you to their loyal customers in the current spot and as a welcome to the neighborhood in their new location.

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Cool Whirled Closes Its Doors

January 12th, 2012 by Sean Keeley

Cool Whirled (3420 Fremont Ave. N) opened its doors in early August but the frozen yogurt shop wasn’t able to make it through January as they’ve closed their doors and put the storefront up for rent.

After three years of wanting to open the store and the planning that goes into it, owners Cassandra Lindquist and Mark Hausman opened the self-serve frozen yogurt spot as a change of pace for Fremonsters used to the baked treats available around almost every corner.

The Facebook and Twitter accounts stopped making updates in mid-November and the winter months likely stalled store traffic as the doors officially closed with the new year.

The space is currently available for rent with an asking price of $4,500/month.

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Be A Part Of The 4th Annual Nickerson Canal Litter Pick-up

January 12th, 2012 by Sean Keeley

If you’ve ever walked along the canal and thought to yourself, “You know, I wish someone would take the time to pick up all this trash,” now is your chance to be that someone.

As part of the Martin Luther King Jr. Day of Service, the 4th Annual Nickerson Canal Littler Pick-Up invites you to join them in cleaning up the canal.

Fremont neighbors and their friends will clean up along our canal b/c trash makes it into the waterway via the stormdrain system or up and over top soil.

Unusual finds in years past have been: a computer monitor, a mattress, and a floating key chain with tracking number for return to sender!

Meet the group at the North corner of Fremont PCC at Noon, Monday, Jan. 16, 2012. Waiting for you will be a free doughnuts, a location assignment, a small cardboard box for litter collection, and disposable purple gloves.


Karin Collins Taiji & Qigong Celebrates One-Year Anniversary

January 12th, 2012 by Sean Keeley

One year ago, Karin Collins Taiji & Qigong opened in the Fremont area and they’re celebrating with a new schedule.

The studio is also introducing new classes for kids and adults. Weekly classes for TAIJI KIDZ resume Tuesday, January 17th. And the TAIJI KIDZ MidWinter Break Day Camp is taking registrations for February 20 – 24.

TAIJI KIDZ focuses on developing basic Taiji principles to increase self-awareness, better connections to others, improve listening skills & foster greater cooperation. Kids will learn basic meditation & calming practices, do strength, fitness & flexibility training and learn the fun interactive aspect of Taiji that boosts confidence in all aspects. KIDZ have fun & parents are assured that their kids are learning personal health-inspiring activities and non-violent ways of interacting with their friends.

Ten-year veteran teacher, Karin Collins welcomes new beginners as well as seasoned practitioners to her exciting new classes for 2012. All are welcome to try a class for free. Contact Karin or visit the site for more details.

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Pinball Returns To Fremont At Add-a-Ball Arcade

January 12th, 2012 by Sean Keeley

By Mwiza Kalisa, Next Door Media Intern

Fremont’s first arcade has opened for business on 36th street. Add-a-Ball, which was previously a scooter-repair shop, features vintage games and a bar.

For three and half years owners Travis Echert and Brad Johnsen ran ADD Motorworks, where they held occasional parties and pinball tournaments. The owners decided to focus on the arcade business full-time.

“About 5 months ago we started talking about getting rid of all the tools and scooters and just doing arcade and beer,” Echert said. “Now it’s here.”

Add-a-Ball has 7 arcades, 7 pinball machines and a Baby Pac-Man machine, which is half video game and half pinball. Most of the games come from collectors in the area who Echert says have garages full of games. Other machines come from Craigslist and trips to Oregon.

“We mainly just get games that we’re interested in,” Echert said. “That’s how we set up the place, it’s a spot we’d like to come in and hang out at.”

Echert said that people are excited about the arcade and were even willing to help out and sell games at good prices.

“There have been plenty of people that have come in excited by it,” he said. “Mostly everyone leaves smiling and says they’ll come back, they generally do.”

The World Cup is a popular game among visitors. Echert describes the 1968 machine as a cross between bubble hockey and foosball. “People go bananas over that game,” he said. “Really intense matches have happened here.”

Add-a-Ball is the only arcade in the neighborhood, when the Buckaroo Tavern closed two years ago there were no other places to play pinball in Fremont.

“Basically every neighborhood has at least four or five bars with pinball in it, but Fremont had none,” Echert said.

Echert and Johnsen want Add-a-Ball to be a place where people can have fun playing good games. Most of the games are 25 cents per play and sometimes they last up to ten minutes. Echert says they’re hoping to expand the number of machines in the future. They recently added the Vindicatiors, a futuristic tank game, to their collection. They also plan to use their backroom storage for new games and pinball machines.

“People can expect a good time, it’s not a place where you need to spend a lot of money to have fun.” Echert said. “It’s a spot to hang out in the middle of Fremont.”

Add-a-Ball, 315 N 36th street, is open 3 p.m. to 12 a.m. Monday-Tuesday and Thursday-Sunday.



January 12th, 2012 by Sean Keeley

Silence-Heart-Nest (Vegan)
3508 Fremont Pl N
(206) 633-5169

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41st Annual Fremont Fair, Solstice Parade Return June 16-17

January 12th, 2012 by Sean Keeley

Coinciding with the Fremont Arts Council’s Solstice Parade, the 41st Annual Fremont Fair will take place June 16th and 17th this year.

A collection of performances by local bands, arts and crafts shopping, food and drink, artistic expression and fun for young and old – all coming together to celebrate Fremont’s “delibertas quirkas” culture, the Fair is one of Fremont’s can’t-miss attractions every year.

The Fremont Arts Council’s Solstice Parade will kick things off at noon on Saturday, June 16. Claim your spot early, the event annually draws over 50,000 spectators to cheer on the floats, wacky characters and, of course, painted nude bicyclists.

Sunday, June 17, is Dads and Dogs Day at the Fair, featuring a pup parade. Humans can join in too so long as it’s cool with their pooch.

There’s also the Fremont Beer Garden, Seattle Art Car Blowout and four performance stages.

Fremont Fair is a benefit for Solid Ground, a local poverty-focused nonprofit who produced the Fair for nearly 40 years. The remaining funds collected in the beer gardens and onsite donation boxes go into the Fremont Chamber of Commerce’s grants program and are awarded to non-profits to fund projects that benefit the Fremont community.

For more information, visit

Photo courtesy of Tom Wright Photography

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Nickerson St Saloon

January 12th, 2012 by Sean Keeley

Nickerson St. Saloon (American)
318 Nickerson St
(206) 284-8819

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Pete’s Fremont Fire Pit

January 12th, 2012 by Sean Keeley

Pete’s Fremont Fire Pit (BBQ)
501 N 36th St

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Fremont-Based Übermind Acquired By Deloitte

January 12th, 2012 by Sean Keeley

Übermind is a leading agency for mobile emerging technologies. They’re doing quite well and folks have been noticing. The folks at Deloitte Consulting LLP noticed and they decided to acquire the Fremont-based company last week.

“Mobile technologies are rapidly reshaping the nature of business. This represents a significant opportunity for companies to develop new interaction models with customers, employees and stakeholders,” says Janet Foutty, national managing director, technology, Deloitte Consulting LLP.

In a blog post, Übermind talked about the exciting future this could mean for them.

We get that this raises a whole lot of questions. So, let’s start with the most basic of them all: Why Deloitte? More specifically, why would an innovative digital agency such as Übermind join forces with one of the world’s largest professional services firms?

Answer: The mobile revolution is here—it’s time to ready your organization. Deloitte Consulting has well-established technology services across capabilities such as systems integration, enterprise solutions, information management, and emerging technologies. As part of their tech practice, we will lead in strategy, creative, mobile apps, and web.

As part of the acquisition by Deloitte, Übermind CEO Shehryar Khan and founder Donald Brady will join Deloitte Consulting LLP as principals.

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Roma Trattoria

January 10th, 2012 by Sean Keeley

Roma Trattoria (Italian)
4705 Aurora Ave N
(206) 547-9992

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The Real Falafel King

January 10th, 2012 by Sean Keeley

The Real Falafel King (Mediterranean)
400 N 34th St
(206) 225-4079

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Le Bon Ton Roulé

January 10th, 2012 by Sean Keeley

Le Bon Ton Roule (Cajun)
4332 Leary Way NW
(206) 297-8888

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The George & Dragon Pub

January 10th, 2012 by Sean Keeley

The George & Dragon Pub (British)
206 N 36th St
(206) 545-6864

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