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Adele Salon Brings ‘Intimate, Community-Oriented’ Hair-Styling To Fremont

January 25th, 2011 by Sean Keeley

A new high-end, boutique hair salon is coming to Fremont. Adele Salon will open at 4224 Fremont Ave North (across from Paseo) on February 1st and promises to offer an intimate, community feeling while you get your cuts, color, highlights or one of their other many services.

Adele’s owner, Amy Quackenbush, is moving to Fremont after owning the hair salon Suede in Roosevelt for six years. After evaluating neighborhoods to find one friendly towards locally-owned businesses and which provides support for those owners, she found that Fremont fit the bill.

“We’re thrilled be a part of Fremont’s incredible community and to bring our services to the neighborhood,” Quackenbush said. “Adele fits seamlessly into this pedestrian-friendly area surrounded by independent restaurants and retailers; we look forward to being here for many years and forging lasting relationships.”

Quackenbush bring with her two fellow stylists, Jenna McClure and Karen Andrews, that will make up the trio working at Adele. The three have worked together for four years and share a camaraderie not only amongst one another but also with each others’ clients.

“We pride ourselves on the fact that we know each others’ clients,” says Quackenbush, who describes the atmosphere inside her salon as an “intimate, community-oriented space, like a coffee shop setting.”

Since no one working at the salon is named Adele, it begs the question…who is it named after? That would be Quackenbush’s “eternally fashionable grandmother,” who passed away a few years back but remains an inspiration.

The salon’s signature is their “Diamond Cut.” While getting a precision cut, they add a glazing treatment to your hair. The service also includes a shampoo, blow dry and finishing touches.

While many long-time clients know the stylists and will be following them to the new location, Adele invites new clients to come check out the space when it opens with a special deal. For the first month, any new client will receive a complimentary “Power Dose,” which includes a three-minute shampoo as well as a conditioning treatment (a $20 value).

Salon hours will be Tuesday through Friday, 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. and Saturday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. For more information, call 206.522.5245 or visit More photos of the new space after the jump.

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Fremont News, Notes, Happenings & Whatnot 1/20

January 25th, 2011 by Sean Keeley

Some news and items of interest for Fremonsters…

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City Asks Neighborhood Businesses To Host Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

January 24th, 2011 by Sean Keeley

This story is from our sister site Phinneywood.

The city’s Office of Economic Development is asking businesses to host an electric vehicle (EV) charging station for customers.

Charlie Cunniff, with the OED’s Seattle Climate Partnership, told a recent Greenwood-Phinney Chamber of Commerce meeting that any business with a parking lot  could host one parking spot with a plug-in. Cunniff says the business could promote it as a benefit for customers to charge up while shopping.

The U.S. Department of Energy awarded a $115 million grant to Phoenix-based ECOtality to manage the EV Project, installing 15,000 charging stations in 16 cities in six states, including Washington. ECOtality, which has been in the electric vehicle charging business for 20 years, matched the government grant, for a total of $230 million for this pilot project.

“The electric vehicles are here, it’s not the future, and there needs to be a charging infrastructure for people to charge outside their homes and at their homes as well,” Dan O’Shea, Washington State sales manager for ECOtality, explained. “Within the next three to five years, 80 percent of all car manufacturers are going to have at least one electric vehicle.”

O’Shea, who lives in Phinney Ridge, says his company plans to install about 2,000 EV chargers from Olympia to Everett. About 900 of those will be in the homes of people who agree to have their data shared as part of the pilot project, to help the DOE determine where to install additional chargers, and to understand the habits of EV drivers.

“Western Washington and Seattle are an important part” of the project, he said.

A Blink residential electric vehicle charger.

About 1,200 chargers will be publicly available at short-term parking lots where customers would typically park from one to three hours, “where you’re going to be doing your topping off of your battery,” O’Shea explained.

The public charging stations will be what’s called Level 2 chargers, at 220 volts. (Level 1 is a normal household 120 volt system.) Level 3 chargers, called a Fast Charger (with 480 volts) will be installed at fueling stations and other easy-access places such as convenience stores.

A Level 2 charger for commercial locations, such as parking lots.

O’Shea says Level 2 chargers would typically take four to eight hours to fully charge an electric vehicle. But, “a Fast Charger will take your battery from zero to 80 percent full in 26 minutes,” he said.

Fast Chargers have two ports, so two cars can plug in at one time, however, they charge sequentially. So the first car will be charged, then it will automatically start charging the second car.

“They’re very forward looking, very modern looking. Size wise, they’re very manageable,” he said. “It looks like a giant iPod Shuffle. They have touch screens, interactive screens.”

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Fremont News, Notes, Happenings & Whatnot 1/20

January 20th, 2011 by Sean Keeley

Some news and items of interest for Fremonsters…

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How Much More Sandwich-Board Can This Fremont Block Get?

January 19th, 2011 by Sean Keeley

None. None more sandwich-board.

Pop quiz: name every Fremont business with a sandwich-board in this photo. By my count, there’s about eleven present (even more if you really look). First one to name them all wins…my respect. Here’s a hi-res shot.


Follow The White Rabbit…

January 19th, 2011 by Sean Keeley

If The Matrix has taught us anything, it’s to be wary of women with white rabbit tattoos. Unless you want to go tumbling down the rabbit hole only to find out that you don’t actually live in Fremont but in a manufactured reality while robots are busy harvesting your bioenergy, you’re better off just living in ignorance.

So don’t say I didn’t warn you when The White Rabbit opens in Fremont soon.

If you’ve walked past the space formerly known as ToST (513 N 36th #E) recently, you’ve noticed the signs up on the door and windows promoting the new tenant…The White Rabbit.

Not too much in the way of specifics yet. The website is still just a placeholder and no word on when the bar/club/whatever will be open.  We’ll keep an eye on it.

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Say “So Long” To The Stone Way Pit

January 19th, 2011 by Sean Keeley

This story was originally written on

Good news this morning from the Daily Journal of Commerce, which reports that construction at the pit at 40th and Stone Way will begin this month.

Marc Stiles writes that The Benaroya Company will finance Stone Way Village, a mixed-use project that will include 154 housing units and some retail.

See more images on the Baylis Architects site.

Many more details to be gleaned from the Daily Journal of Commerce story.

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Azzurri Vino Bar Closes Its Doors

January 19th, 2011 by Sean Keeley

Fremont soccer fans have one less place to call home.

Azzurri Vino Bar, which was named “Best Place to be a Rabid Soccer Fan in an Authentic Atmosphere” by the Seattle Weekly last year, has officially closed. The signs have been taken down, the bar has been cleared out and the building is now for lease.

No official word yet on why it closed down. As someone who doesn’t drink a lot of wine and doesn’t care for Italian football, I never made it in myself. Oh well.

The ever-changing Fremont bar scene rolls on…

H/T: Laser

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Woodsky’s Now Open For Business In Fremont

January 17th, 2011 by Sean Keeley

There’s been quite a bit of turnover in the Fremont bar scene recently. One of the dearly departed is Saints and Sinners, which came to Fremont in February of 2009 but recently closed it doors (Jan. 8th). The good news is that the shuttering was short-lived and the spot is now officially open for business as Woodsky’s (303 N 36th St).

In an interview with Fremocentrist, owners Greg Woodman and Schulyer Holes say they want the new bar to have a ski lodge feel and be a welcome spot for “outdoor sports enthusiasts.” For now the decor is a little bare but they’re hoping you can help out with that.

As a neighborhood hang-out, Woodman hopes to find interesting and significant skis and boards among customers to add to the decor.  For a while, he admitted, the bathrooms may look a bit bare.  “We want customers to bring in pictures of them on the mountain,” Woodman explained, that they can mount on the restroom walls.

You can pick up a coupon over at their Facebook page. If you stop in, let us know what you think of the new space.

Photo: Greg W.

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Fremont Parking Rates On The Rise

January 14th, 2011 by Sean Keeley

Get used to seeing slightly-higher parking rates in Fremont starting next month.

The Seattle Department of Transportation has announced on-street parking rates for 2011 and those rates are rising. Based on the results of a parking occupancy study, the Fremont parking rates will be going up from $1.50/hour to $2.00/hour.

The goal of the new parking rates is to adjust available parking so that one-to-two spots are readily available on a block at any given time. Right now peak occupancy for Fremont’s 80 paid parking spots is 80%. The city would like to lower that to 78%.

Fremont is not, however, one of the nine neighborhoods “with active nightlife and high evening parking demand” that will have paid parking extended until 8 p.m.

The new rates still keep Fremont in the lower bracket of Seattle neighborhood parking costs. Three neighborhoods, including Pioneer Square, will see their rates rise to $4.00. Nearby neighborhoods Ballard and Green Lake will not see a rise in current parking rates ($2.00 and $1.50, respectively).

City crews will begin implementing the new rates as of Feb. 1, rolling them out neighborhood by neighborhood through March 30. New graphics on all parking pay stations will clearly highlight the revised rates, in addition to providing information about other parking rules and how to use the machines.

For additional information on 2011 on-street rates and rules, please visit the SDOT website.

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Martin Luther King Day Activities & Notes

January 14th, 2011 by Sean Keeley

Monday is Martin Luther King, Jr. Day. Here are some news, updates and opportunities you might want to be aware of.

  • The Seattle Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr Celebration begins at 9:30 a.m. with workshops, continues with a rally at 11 a.m. and march commencing at noon.  The march starts at Garfield High and ends at the Federal Building downtown.  Details can be found here.
  • The Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Holiday Celebration at Seattle Center offers awards and entertainment in honor of this inspirational leader, Saturday, Jan. 15, 1 p.m. – 3 p.m. in Center House. Learn more here.
  • If you are interested in volunteering in the community as a way to honor the life of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., you can do so through the United Way.
  • The Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Peace Award, a staged reading of Dr. King’s “Beyond Vietnam” speech and a Concert for Peace, 1-3 p.m. Saturday, Seattle Center House, Seattle. All events are free, learn more at
  • Seattle garbage, food and yard waste and recycling collections will be on their normal schedule for the holiday. The City of Seattle’s North Recycling and Disposal Station in the Fremont/Wallingford area will be open during regular business hours: 8:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.
  • National park fees will be waived Saturday, Sunday and Monday.
  • King County Metro Transit will be operating on a reduced weekday schedule on Monday, January 17 in observance of the holiday. The King County Water Taxi service routes to Vashon and West Seattle will not be operating. Check Metro’s holiday service schedule to see if your regular routes will be affected.
  • The Friends of the Burke Gilman Trail are hosting MLK Weekend at the Burke Gilman Trail. You can read more about it here.

The Seattle Times has even more events and updates from around King County to check out.

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How Fremont Became Fremont

January 14th, 2011 by Sean Keeley

Why is it called Fremont?

It’s a simple question but one a lot of folks don’t know the answer to. Seattlest is doing a cool series called Naming Rights where they trace the origins of each neighborhood in Seattle. They looked into Fremont’s past to find out why it’s called that and not, say, TaffyTown, and found out.

Turns out, it has a lot to do with Fremont, Nebraska.

This small city 35 miles northwest of Omaha was the hometown of Carrie and Edward Blewett (sometimes spelled Bluett), who owned the tract of land before it was developed. According to historian Paul Dorpat (read his essay over at, the couple chose a firm called Ward & Griffith as the agents for the new development. Local “superdeveloper” Luther Griffith also hailed from Fremont, Nebraska, making it fairly easy to decide on a name for this new Seattle suburb. Fremont is yet another example of pioneers borrowing names from their hometowns.

So there you go.

I looked into our Nebraska counterpart to find out if they’ve got their own Troll or Center of the Universe sign. They don’t, though they did recently ban illegal immigrants from renting and working in the town. So, probably best not to draw to many more comparisons…

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Who’s Up For A Fremont ‘Hood Hunt?

January 13th, 2011 by Sean Keeley

Fremonsters who watch The Amazing Race and think to themselves “I’d love to do this but I’m too lazy to actually leave my neighborhood” are in for a treat. The ‘Hood Hunt is coming to Fremont Park.

The ‘Hood Hunts are a series of map-based scavenger hunts, held in various neighborhoods in the Seattle area.  This is a grassroots effort, where the participants take turns “hosting” each hunt, so we try to keep these as simple as possible, for both participants and our volunteer hosts.

Here’s how it works: Show up at the suggested meeting time and location, and bring a copy of the map & questions (provided on the specific event page). Each neighborhood map covers about a half square mile and contains twenty checkpoints. Find as many checkpoints as you wish, and return to the finish. Afterwards, we’ll find a place to hang out and share our routes, stories, and votes for our favorite checkpoint locations.

The next ‘Hood Hunt kicks off at the Ross Playground (4320 4th Ave. NW) on Monday, February, 21 at 5:30 p.m. This is actually the second Fremont-area ‘Hood Hunt in the last few months. You can see the map and clues from the previous version here to get a feel for what you’ll be looking for.

Keep an eye on this page for the map and questions specific to this hunt.

There is no fee to participate so if you’re available and want a good reason to run around Fremont like a lunatic, here’s your chance. As if you needed a reason…

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Fremont News, Notes, Happenings & Whatnot 1/12

January 12th, 2011 by Sean Keeley

Some news and items of interest for Fremonsters…

  • Ghost Light Theatricals will premiere “Metamorphosis”, a play based on the famous short story by Franz Kafka on Friday, January 14th in Ballard. Tickets are available here.
  • The 7-Eleven franchise at 5900 Phinney Ave. N. is for sale. Who wants it?
  • Presented by the Fremont Chamber of Commerce, The 40th Annual Fremont Fair is a community celebration that draws 100,000 guests to experience the quirky character of Seattle’s eclectic and artistic Fremont neighborhood.The 2011 incarnation will take place June 18th an 19th.
  • The City of Seattle’s North Recycling and Disposal Station in the Fremont/Wallingford area and the South Recycling and Disposal Station in the South Park area will be open for Martin Luther King Jr. Day Holiday, Monday, Jan. 17, during their regular business hours: 8:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.

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The Snow Is Here, Finally (Updated)

January 11th, 2011 by Sean Keeley

Take a look out your window and you’ll see that the expected snow has fallen. And continues to fall.

As you might imagine, you shouldn’t get in your car unless it’s absolutely necessary, especially if it involved driving up and down high grade hills. If you don’t believe me, just ask this guy. Or this guy.

The good news for those worried about their commute is that the snow should be transitioning into rain some time after midnight. There are not expected to be any issues for the morning commute, though be careful if that rain turns into freezing rain.

Basically, the point is…be careful out there. And if you want to build a snowman, better hurry up.

Update (7:30 a.m.): As predicted, the temperatures are warming up and it’s now raining. The few inches of snow we have is turning into a slushy mess.

If today is your garbage day, put those cans out. This in from Seattle Public Utilities:

Residential garbage, recycling, food and yard waste collection is on schedule in the City of Seattle today, Wednesday, Jan. 12.

Due to weather conditions, some routes will be starting and finishing later than usual. Customers could experience pickup times later than usual.

Also, the Seattle Public Schools have sent out two bits of information:

  • As a precaution for the safety of students and staff, Seattle Public Schools will be running two hours late on regular bus routes.
  • Five schools that had previously scheduled early release days (Whitman, McClure, Hamilton and Eckstein middle schools and Roosevelt High School) will release students at the normal dismissal time.

And King County Metro (@kcmetrobus) tweeted this alert:

Most Metro service on snow routes Wed AM thru 9 AM due to snowy/slushy roads. Expect some delays. Dress warm.

Here is information on changes to Metro service. They’re updating this site, so keep refreshing it for the most current information.

Photo: WvvJoEvvW

More photos from last night after the jump…

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Fremont Flasher Faces Criminal Charges

January 11th, 2011 by Sean Keeley

Last month, we told you about a flasher who disturbed a mother and daughter in Fremont. While police are still trying to confirm if the suspect they have in custody is responsible for that, they have arrested a man in connection with two separate flashing incidents in town. That would be 39-year-old Jason Rothmeyer.

Since the judge won’t allow Rothmeyer’s face to be shown, we can’t confirm if he meets the Eric Idle resemblance that the December victims mention, though he does meet the other criteria (30’s, white, slicked-back dark blonde hair).

More news to come I’m sure.

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