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Kickoff time for new sports bar LTD

By Heidi · October 23rd, 2009 · 13 Comments

After several months of watching it come together, LTD Bar + Grill (309 N. 36th St) is finally opening it’s doors to the public on Saturday.  Co-owner Brian Parks describes it as the “only ‘true’ sports bar in Fremont”. 


The menu is “high-quality pub fare”, with prices ranging from around $3.25 for a pretzel to $11.25 for steak and fries or meatloaf.  There’s also lots of comfort food staples in between, like Tator Tots, Fried Pickles, Mac & Cheese Wedges and Pigs in a Blanket (all $4.95-$5.95). 

LTD bar

Eleven flat screen TVs line the walls around the bar and are viewable from virtually any spot inside.  There’s also a pool table, air hockey and 12 beers on tap.  That giant iPhone looking thing hanging on the wall (above) is a digital jukebox.  Gone are the days of discreet song selections here!

LTD will be open for lunch during the week at 11:30 a.m. and 10 a.m. on the weekend.  Happy Hour is from 3:00-6:00 p.m. Monday through Friday when several food items will be 4 to 5 bucks.  On Sundays, you can catch a game on TV and enjoy the Sunday Special – a burger and beer for $6.95.

  • mark

    Hope it carries NHL center ice if intends to be a “true sports bar”.

  • ballardrocksnow

    +1 for college football game plan…with early opening times unlike the Loft.

  • Kate Ramsey

    great … just what our neighborhood needs. another sports bar.

    • phinneynotballard

      Katie, from what I’ve read here, clearly there are no “true” sports bars in Fremont based on this article. Not sure what other sports bars you’re referring to.

      • holz

        so baseball, basketball, soccer and football aren’t ‘true sports’?

        cos they’re on daily @ norm’s.

  • Name

    Does this place have a website that we can checkout?

  • Name
  • holz

    so.. are they going to tidy up their construction site or does the owner like living in a sty?

    i give it about as long as azzuri… – 6 months

  • joe momma

    can their staff operate the TVs and change channels (laugh but you'd be surprised)? Do they have the NFL package? and the other aforementioned sports packages?

    if not, they are a bar with TVs, not a sports bar.

  • Troubble

    An unprofessional looking website that doesn't even have the phone number or address on it. Tough to call and get info on the place. So from that I assume that they don't have the packages queued up for fans.

    Also, does LTD stand for Living The Dream? If it is, that is so, so, so, so lame. It's a toss up as to which name is worse: LTD or the new 9 Million… Both so bad. Ugh.

    • holz

      less than desirable
      lamer than dad [watson's]
      long term debt
      loves tele-dildonics
      long term depression

  • kb

    I actually went to this place last Saturday and it was great! Fantastic food, they have SHUFFLE board, amazing little fried macaroni and cheese bites, an all around awesome sports bar. There AREN'T any otehr bars like this in Fremont. There are 'dive' bars that might show the game now and again, but this is a new thing for Fremont. Good stuff! I'm suprised to see all the negative reviews after having actually going there and seeing how cool the place was…..

  • John

    A “True” sports bar is the Fremont Dock. They have 20 flatscreen TV's. Open at 7am every morning and have every single sportspackage. Awesome place!!

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