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Homeless encampment spotted near poorly-lit stairs

By Heidi · October 19th, 2009 · 6 Comments

A group of homeless men appear to be living off the stairs on N 43rd St between Palatine and Greenwood Ave in a small encampment.  The stairs lead to and from the #5 Metro route.  There have been no reports of trouble so far but as the days get darker earlier, a Fremont Universe reader sent us an email just so neighbors aren’t caught by surprise.  

This is not a well-lit area and people frequent it to and from the bus stop. It makes me nervous, and I thought the more people are aware the better.

Thanks for the tip, Morgan.

  • CK

    What stairs?

  • CW

    Yes, how about a cross street? Palatine and Greenwood run parallel all the way from the ship canal to north of 105th st.

    Did you mean Palatine and Greenwood near 41st?

  • Gus

    Are you sure they are homeless, and not just scruffy?

  • Morgan

    43rd Street, between Greenwood and Palatine.

  • bhigh

    The top of the stairs is here:

  • Homeless

    They are homeless so that automatically means they will be committing crimes. Watch out and don't forgot the mace.

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