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Scenes from Fremont Oktoberfest

By Heidi · September 18th, 2009 · 12 Comments

Fremont’s three-day event kicked off the fall season tonight.  It was an evening of beer, beer, beer, and a few buxom beauties.

DSC_0680 (2)

DSC_0712 (2)

More than 80 beers were on tap for beer lovers to sample.

 DSC_0705 (2)

Legunitas Brewing Co., out of Petaluma, got our vote for best brew name – “The Hairy Eyeball”.

DSC_0727 (2)

Food Network’s Guy Fieri (or someone who looks just like him) was in town shooting for “Guy’s Big Bite“.  His Oktoberfest show airs on October 14.

DSC_0721 (2)

What’s a party without a game of quarters?


Contestants line up to compete for the title of Miss Buxom 2009.


Meet Miss Buxom 2009, Tiffany Moore, aka Heidi Ho.


 It was a tough call, but Emily, aka Gretel, walked away Miss Runner-Up.

Fremont Oktoberfest goes through Sunday.  Watch master carving artists put their chainsaws to work as they vie for the title in the Texas Chainsaw Pumpkin Carving Contest starting tomorrow at 1pm.  Sunday is for the dogs, with cover model and look-a-like contests. 

Here’s our preview of the event, and for the entire weekend’s schedule and ticket information, click here

  • dorable

    Except that’s not Guy Fieri. It’s an impostor.

  • actually_buxom

    Wow, that is one flat chested miss “buxom”

  • Lisa

    Those are the least buxom Miss Buxoms I’ve ever seen!

  • Zach

    Heidi, would love to see more of the pictures you took last night.. Glad you hung out with us! -Zach


  • ballardrocksnow

    Matt Groening is rumored to be abouts as well. If you don’t know who he is, his initials make up Homers head.

  • buxom

    Gretel shoulda won!!!!! Way more buxom!:)

  • fremontguy

    Gretel couldn’t even get cleavage leaning forward. Boob Garden was robbed!

  • randi

    haha…theres nothing buxom about any of those chicks..lame

  • joejoejoew

    small beer + big lines = no thanks

    • holz

      not only small beer, but half the vendors ran out by noon on sunday – and they were still charging full price for tix to get in. probably the lamest oktoberfest i've ever seen. i would have been hating life had we paid to get in, luckily we were given the tix…

      also, how can it be about 'microbrews' when the anchor tent next to the main stage is michelob?

      • EvilLyn

        well.. maybe microbrews was referring to the VERY small beer mugs!!

  • binkura

    it's not that they ran out, they just wanted to waste as little beer as possible. They had more kegs of everything in the trucks, but as soon as you tap a keg, you want to use it all up or it will go to waste. I mean, I guess they could keep every kind of beer flowing until the very end of Oktoberfest, but the added cost of covering the wasted beer would drive up entry prices, and they're high enough already. If Holz is complaining about free beer, he should either show up earlier in the weekend so he can try everything he wants or just drink whatever brew is on hand and be happy about it.

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