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Rollover accident on Aurora Bridge

By Geeky Swedes · August 20th, 2009 · 9 Comments

A rollover crash closed the southbound lanes of the Aurora Bridge at 9:30 p.m. on Thursday. When we arrived, medics were loading one patient into the ambulance. The accident occurred on the Fremont side, above 39th St.

It appeared that only one vehicle was involved.

The northbound lanes had slowed to crawl. An interesting side note: We were waiting at the Fremont Bridge when a fire engine responding to the accident approached. The bridge was just beginning to close, but the operator re-opened the arms to let the engine pass through.

  • FremontSheila

    Anyone know if the driver was OK? Or what caused the accident?

    • Riley

      the driver is my best friend. She and the passenger of the car are okay… they are scratched up and bruised but only minor injuries. If ANYONE saw the other vehicle or has any information please call the authorities. This was a hit and run accident.

      • FremontSheila

        Thanks for the update and I’m glad your friends are OK.

    • thedriver

      I was the driver of the car who got hit. I just want to put this out there. The car was like an old buick or possibly cadillac. It was silverish and gold. The police were able to get the last 3 of the license plate from a witness… If anyone saw this car or sees it please call the police asap. I was driving a blue SUV so the mark would be blue and on the right front end of the car… or the general area. Thank you for everyones concern. I hope they catch this guy.

      • FremontSheila

        How terrifying!

  • mikey1

    What were the last three of the license plate?

  • randi

    that is the scariest place to get in a rollover accident!!!

  • thedriver

    I am trying to get into contact with the police to find out what the last 3 were… so far no luck. Ill post it as soon as I get it. Indeed it is the scariest place. My partner and I are more than lucky.

  • barbiehull

    Oh my!! I'm so glad you & your friend are okay – how SCARY!!!!

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