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Solstice Parade: The massive crowd

By Geeky Swedes · June 20th, 2009 · 4 Comments

The crowd felt much bigger than last year, and the best photographic evidence is when 36th turns into Fremont Ave. Look at the depth of the crowd:

And that’s just one small section of the parade route.

The best view might have been at the top of Lenin.

Or from the top of the apartments.

A few protesters spoke their minds about the Middle East.

Kids were everywhere, enjoying the colorful action in the street.

And as always, The George & Dragon was a popular spot.

  • snoopy

    I heart naked people.

  • LisaG

    Hooray for the G&D!

  • Shay Michele Meade

    Who are those crazy people in the front row !!!?!?!!? :)

  • Hammster

    Bummer about the protesters-they definitely rained on my parade. Talking to them, half seem like naive wannabe radicals and the other half paranoid, conspiracy obsessed anti-Semites. Charming.

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