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Fremont to get more ‘green bike lanes’

By Geeky Swedes · April 24th, 2009 · 3 Comments

As more and more people jump on their bikes, the city is working to make it easier for them to get around Seattle.

As part of the Bicycle Master Plan, Seattle is adding 35 miles of bike lanes and 20 miles of signed bike lanes. Fremont is on the list of neighborhoods to get “green bike lanes” like the one just south of the Fremont Bridge. These lanes are to give drivers a visual indication that the bike lane is there. They are put at conflict areas where bikes and cars cross. Nearby, Wallingford is getting more “sharrows” which are double arrows and a bicycle painted on the road to warn drivers that bikes and cars are sharing the road. Greenlake is also getting “sharrows” and “green bike lanes.”

  • Alex

    Do we really need this shit in our neighborhood? Traffic is bad enough as it is!

  • tiktok

    Well, the fewer cars driving there, the better the traffic.

    Drivers, please re-route yourself to somewhere less congested.

    • Ballard_Sucks_Now

      Right. Like South Dakota…hope it's not to far out of your way.

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