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The gateway to Fremont in 1961

By Geeky Swedes · April 3rd, 2009 · 12 Comments

The Seattle Municipal Archives has some very cool old neighborhood photos, like this one looking toward Fremont from the Fremont Bridge in 1961.

Ah, simpler times. You can see the Fremont Tavern on the left, where Peet’s Coffee is today. And the Chicken Basket Cafe on the right. Here’s it is today:

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  • Robert

    Very cool, thanks for sharing.

  • Sheila

    I love seeing the old photos.

  • poo poo

    is that building now the red door?

  • Sheila

    Yes, the tavern in the first picture is now the Red Door

  • JJM

    No. The tavern in the first picture is now Peet’s Coffee.

  • Ernie

    The tavern in the first picture is now the Red Door, BUT that whole building was moved 1 block west to the Red Door’s current location, so they could build the big building with Peet’s Coffee in it’s place.

  • Julie

    Yes, that building is now the Red Door. My family owned the building until 1978! My dad couldn’t shift the Fremont Tavern out of the building, as they had a 25 year lease. It was moved on 747 wheels to its current location. The building had the most horrible “foundation” imaginable; it was set on a forest old wooden sticks the size of stop-sign posts.

    Check out Helen Divjak’s book, “Fremont” by Arcadia Publishing for more cool pictures of old Fremont.

  • mike

    the pictures of fremont back before the interurban was irresponsibly removed are even better.

  • mook

    thanks for posting these pictures! It's always so interesting too see what Seattle was like before we know it now.

  • Sheila

    Mike, I have that book and I love it. It's surprising how many of the original buildings are still there.

  • Sheila

    Oops, I read the postings wrong. It was Julie who posted about the book, not Mike.

  • ballard approval

    Baha, look at their primitive right hand turn lane. silly old americans

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