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Tagged up Troll gets cleaned

By Geeky Swedes · March 28th, 2009 · 8 Comments

Someone sprayed graffiti all over the Fremont Troll over the last few days.

They even climbed up and painted the eye.

So the Fremont Arts Council mobilized today to clean it up.

Since the paint can’t be removed, volunteers applied a bonding agent followed by a fresh later of concrete over the top.

The troll is tagged every few months, but this time it was more severe. The Fremont Arts Council has a simple message for vandals: “Tagging the troll is not cool,” said Barbara Luecke. “But we can help you find another art form.”

If you’d like to help finance the art council’s graffiti clean up events — they also keep Fremont murals in good shape — you can donate on their website.

  • david

    they eye looked cool, they should’ve left it.

  • Luke McGuff

    I’m glad that it was cleaned so properly and so promptly.

  • brent


    Somehow I don’t think the threat of an ass-beating from the Fremont Arts Council is particularly credible.

  • SPG

    This seems to be the work of artless teen idiots who are half of the tagging problem, the other being gang turf markers.
    The city can cut way down on tagging by doing the following:
    1. Law that designates a 'tag' as a signature.
    2. Graffiti clean up crews take digital snapshot of tags before removal and enter them into an automated database.
    3. When a tagger is caught, they are now liable for the cumulative removal cost of all their tags.

    The teenage wannabes will quickly figure out that the cost of getting caught will far outweigh any fun in tagging if they're on the hook for thousands of dollars instead of a couple hundred. Business and Homeowners will also have recourse to recoup the cost of cleanup when the taggers are caught even if it is months later.

  • Chris

    ..well, they better make sure nothing happens to the JP/Gertrude statue down the street!

  • Jimmy

    It's all fun and games until the Jimi Hendrix Statue gets defaced. Then Folks are gonna come out of the woodwork with pitch forks and torches and start kickin some ass.

  • Tom Dobrowolsky

    Hmm, as another poster said, the eye was pretty cool. And the finger nails were a nice touch. The rest is not so good. I'd rate it a small step above tagging as the perpetrators showed at least some understanding of the original piece.

  • Victoria Kohan

    can't argue with the eye.

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