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Taco Del Mar to reopen in a month

By Geeky Swedes · February 22nd, 2009 · 3 Comments

Taco Del Mar next to Lenin is closed due to “water problems,” according to the sign on the door. “Lets hope they didn’t shut down for good!” said Fremont Universe reader Nick in an email tipping us on the closure.

We called and were told the restaurant is making some changes in the kitchen, and the permits are taking longer than anticipated. Taco Del Mar hopes to reopen within the next month.

  • randi

    this place stinks . the employees are so rude and overcharge me every time. guaymas is worth the walk and so much better.

  • Blake

    Worst TDM in the state easily. I have eaten at a TDM that was also a tire shop that's way better than this one.. I miss quick nachos for lunch hopefully they come back with new management. The lame manager dude trained his people to cheap out on the food. Haven't stepped foot inside in 2 years.

  • boston moving help

    I love tacos. How I wish that there is a tacos store in the place that I'll move at.

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