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Trolloween draws a big crowd

October 31st, 2008 by Beth

Trolloween kicked off at 7 p.m. tonight with some revelry, a dance-off and a melodrama all under the watchful metal eye of the Fremont Troll, who celebrated his 19th birthday tonight.
A little revelry at Trolloween
The Fremont Arts Council organizers, dancers, and drummers Vamola proceeded to parade through downtown Fremont where they were watched by spectators from bars, restaurants, and homes.
Trolloween parade through downtown Fremont
The parade proceeded to the Outdoor Cinema, where volunteers gave a dance lesson to the crowd. After the exercise, the melodrama continued with another short scene intended to encourage the crowd to pursue the protagonists to the Fremont Bridge’s underbelly, where another dance group performed the Vampire Tango. The short play concluded with a dramatic stabbing scene:
Juliet stabs Suitor
When the mini-play was completed, the Fremont Philharmonic began playing ‘Thriller’ for the concluding dance party under the bridge.

Best costumes of the night: The Robot, who was so popular that the crowd nearly threw the play off-track trying to encourage the protagonist to dance with it; and Lloyd Dobler from Say Anything, who spent the entire parade hoisting a boombox. Hats off to you two!

If you have additional photos from Trolloween or competitors for best costume, please share them with us in the comments!

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Halloween Happenings in Fremont

October 30th, 2008 by Beth

Fremont is known for its “whimsical counterculture” — at least if you believe the New York Times (see the post below) — and one of the best times to take that in is during Halloween, when for a day, counterculture is on full display. Among the Halloween events in Fremont, there’s a costume extravaganza, a burlesque carnival and a mass gathering of Carnivale-style revelers who parade through neighborhood streets. Here are the details:

  • Boo– A costume extravaganza and fundraiser for the Fremont Chamber of Commerce at Fremont Studios. The 21+ dance party will feature costume contests, a full bar, and a cigar lounge.
  • Circus Contraption’s Blowout Bash– The one-ring circus’ 10th annual Scary! Insane!! Blowout Bash is sold out, but you may be able to find tickets on Craigslist, etc. The burlesque carnival will feature aerialists, clowns, ninjas, and a seance. This event, held in Theo Chocolate’s building is also 21+.
  • Trolloween– An unpublicized gathering of costumed Fremonsters has been going on for 18 years, and will feature a free performance put together by the Fremont Arts Council. Sources say the crowd gathers at 7, and will disappear like aether shortly after the performance to parade through Fremont. Samba dance lessons will commence, and the evening will end with a dance under the Fremont Bridge.

If you have any Halloween haunts to add, please leave us a comment or e-mail

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Fremont featured in New York Times

October 30th, 2008 by Geeky Swedes

This afternoon, splashed a travel story about Fremont and Ballard right smack in the middle of the home page.

“Ballard and Fremont, once cities in their own right, are now Seattle neighborhoods of a particularly independent-minded kind,” the story explains. “Each is undergoing a kind of 21st-century renaissance, with shops and restaurants moving in, and a new, often young crowd arriving to live or just to play. But in either one, you can still lose yourself so thoroughly that you will barely even remember you’re in the same town as the Space Needle.”

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Wallingford rape suspect arrested

October 30th, 2008 by Geeky Swedes

Everett police have arrested a suspect in the rape of a woman in her Wallingford home earlier this month — a big relief for Wallingford and Fremont neighbors near 16th and N 52nd St., where the crime occurred. Police say the suspect broke into the home after her husband left for an errand. He left with the woman’s purse and used her credit card at Wal-Mart, which led police to his arrest.

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Fremont traffic signals to be recoordinated

October 28th, 2008 by Geeky Swedes

The traffic in Fremont can be a nightmare. Especially during rush hour traffic. According to Brian Kemper, who is the traffic signal operations manager, the 13 stoplights in the neighborhood will be recoordinated at the end of this month. Crews will monitor the changes and make adjustments if needed. Tom Creegan brought up the traffic mess in this week’s “Getting There” article in the PI.


Domino Magazine writes about Fremont

October 27th, 2008 by Geeky Swedes

We all know that Fremont is a great place to shop, and now Domino magazine wrote a few blurbs about the “offbeat neighborhood” as well as Ballard next door. Domino highlighted the clothing boutique Impulse, shoe store Lambs Ear and Theo Chocolate to name a few. Overall, the one-page article (not available online) doesn’t even scratch the surface on the great shopping scene in Fremont. But as they say, all publicity is good publicity!

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Troll cleaned for Trolloween

October 26th, 2008 by Beth

Members of the Fremont Arts Council (FAC) spent part of a beautiful October afternoon cleaning up the troll and its environment for Trolloween. Trolloween is a ‘birthday’ celebration of sorts for the troll, and volunteers said they usually see 300+ people on Halloween night who come dressed up to watch a performance and then parade through Fremont.
Troll cleanup
The FAC has been cleaning the troll in preparation for the celebration every year for the past 19 years that Trolloween has been celebrated. More information is available on their site, including details about the performance- a mixture of Shakespeare and Greek lore. Stay tuned for more details about Halloween happenings throughout Fremont.

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Police search for Wallingford sex assault suspect

October 22nd, 2008 by Geeky Swedes

This is frightening.  On Monday night, a man sexually assaulted a woman in her Wallingford home as her kids slept nearby.   It happened at 9 p.m. in the 1600 block of N. 52nd Street, just a few blocks away from Fremont.  “The victim’s husband had just left the home to run an errand, at which point the suspect entered the home,” said Renee Witt, Seattle Police spokesperson. Police are warning neighbors to keep their doors and windows locked, and they released this suspect sketch.

If saw anything unusual in the area or have any information about the case, you’re urged to call Seattle Police at 206-684-5575.

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Man climbs Gas Works plant, falls

October 15th, 2008 by Geeky Swedes

Some guy climbed the fence surrounding the old, rusted plant at Gas Works Park over the weekend, and then started goofing around on the catwalks, reports Seattle Police. And what happens next? The catwalk collapses and he separates his shoulder. Fortunately for him, he landed on the catwalk below, keeping his injuries to a minimum. Not so smart.

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Campaign button on J.P. Patches statue

October 15th, 2008 by Geeky Swedes

We all know that J.P. Patches is a big fan of buttons. So when his “Late for the Interurban” statue was unveiled a couple months ago, it featured several hooks on the front for people to add their own.

It now features several buttons, including (appropriately) the Seafair clowns. There’s also a “Keep Fremont Parking Free” button. And wait, what’s this?

It’s a campaign button for Alex Rion, a Republican running for the 32nd legislative seat. We don’t know if J.P. is a Republican, but you have to admit it does seem a little out of place for Fremont, of all places — especially when you consider the 32 District doesn’t even cover the neighborhood.

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Fremont Abbey hosts ‘The Round’

October 14th, 2008 by Beth

Round #41 at Fremont Abbey Arts Center

A collaborative arts show called “The Round” including musicians, poets and painters was held tonight at Fremont Abbey Arts Center. It was the 41st installation of this monthly experience that began in 2005 and has since expanded to Portland and Tacoma. The Round has settled into the cozy basement of the Arts Center, and successfully blossomed into an intimate showcase of diverse local artists.

Musicians David Bazan of Pedro the Lion andHeadphones, Aaron Sprinkle of Fair, and Gabe Archer of The Pale Pacific were joined by painters Scott Erickson and Skye Graves, as well as a traveling poet who called herself Grey Anne, a last-minute addition to the show. The show is constantly changing; musicians are only allowed to participate once a year, poets twice a year, and painters up to three times per year. Curator Nathan Marion, also Executive Director of the Arts Center, handpicks the lineup (with assistance and recommendations from previous artists).

This particular iteration sold out a week in advance, and the basement of the Arts Center was packed by 7:45 for a show starting at 8:15. Candles surrounded the stage, while lights above the easels provided much of the light throughout the performance. The acoustic songs set an appropriate mood for the show’s overall tone, while the painters created work with two very different methods.

During the round, each musician sings- the flavor of the month seemed to be folk ballads, like Sprinkle’s cover of “Angel Band,” an old Emmylou Harris tune. After each musician has his or her ’round’, the poet follows up with some spoken word poetry, like Anne, who quipped “One goes to the altar/one goes to war/We’re not going anywhere/We haven’t been before.” Throughout the songs and poetry, the painters splash their canvases with colorful (or muted) images.

Round #42 will be held Nov. 11th and feature Aaron Manino, Kaz, Chris Mansfield, and Josh Dawson, as well as painter Jessica Graca.  More information can be found at The Round’s website.

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A photo of ‘toy town’ Fremont

October 14th, 2008 by Geeky Swedes

A different perspective of Fremont using a “tilt-shift” photography effect:

Great photo courtesy of Bernes, who also shot the Fremont Bridge.

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Veraci Pizza opening Ballard restaurant

October 13th, 2008 by Geeky Swedes

We stopped by the Veraci Pizza oven at the Fremont Market on Sunday to get an update on their preparations to open their first restaurant.

They said they’re planning to open October 29th on Market St. and 6th Ave in Ballard. That makes two restaurant startups in the same month launched by successful food vendors at the weekend markets.

Earlier: Farmers market standout opens Anita’s

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The George & Dragon sued over smoking

October 12th, 2008 by Geeky Swedes

Back in June, a customer at The George & Dragon in Fremont complained to the health department about people smoking on the bar’s outside deck — a health code violation. While the complaint prompted an email flame war and some publicity, it was far from an isolated case: 15 complaints were logged against the bar over a 4 month period, reports the Seattle Times.

That was enough for Public Health to sue the establishment this last week. The suit asks a judge to fine The George & Dragon $100 a day until it complies with the law, which requires a 25-foot buffer zone. Stay tuned…

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Joy Street opens on 35th

October 12th, 2008 by Geeky Swedes

A new boutique called Joy Street has opened in Horseshoe’s old spot on N. 35th St., just a few doors up from Fremont Ave. N.

Joy Street features jewelry, women’s clothing and home accessories.

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Farmers Market standout opens Anita’s

October 12th, 2008 by Geeky Swedes

Chef Anita Ross, known for her fabulous crepes at the Ballard Farmers Market, has opened Anita’s, a new restaurant on Leary near 8th Avenue. We have yet to give it a try, but one of readers, Robert sent us a review.

“We had the chantrelle crepe and the jambon crepe for dinner,” he writes. “Although made in the traditional French style with buckwheat flour the crepes were light and fluffy. The fillings were savory, well seasoned…. Total bill for two dinner crepes, two dessert crepes and two glasses of wine: $54. Overall impression: small, elegant, tasty. We’ll be back.” We drove by on Saturday mid-morning — just a few days after opening — and Anita’s had quite the crowd inside. If you go, let us know your impressions in comments below.

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